My Process

My design process is a journey of multiple steps and iterations toward perfection. I take data-driven decisions to solve complexe design problems. User's needs, wants and limitations are the core of my design thinking, they get a very extensive attention at every stage of the process.

Every step of this journey is relevant to the product success, however, the degree of adoption is related to the project's nature, goals, deadlines and budget. Following are some examples of deliverables from different steps of my design process.

Project Discovery

I expect my client to provide a brief of project requirements, I can help them to build one if they don't have it already, check out this sample of my guidelines to build a project brief.

User Stories and Personas

I help my clients to discover and know their users, I provide my clients and their teams with guidelines to user discovery and analysis, check out this sample.

Persona Profile from a B2C project
Persona Profile from a B2B project

User Role & Hierarchy

User hierarchy analysis and platforms distribution

Red Route Analysis

Red Route Analysis prioritize the user experience for common tasks, so the ones used frequently by most users could be easily accomplished.

Red route analysis

Competition Analysis

Detailed Analysis of competition's key features of a mobile UI.

User Flow Diagram

User flow example

Screen Map

General Flowchart of product screens

Low-fidelity Wireframing

Combination of flow diagram and low-fidelity wireframes.

High-fidelity Wireframing

High-fidelity wireframes.


Clickable prototype of an iOS application on Invision.

High-fidelity UI

High-fidelity UI slide from an IOS app project.

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