The Project

BotDB team aims to build the place-to-be for every robotics passionate. It’s basically a data base that lists device features, reviews and feedback around the web to help users decide about their next artificial servant.

Challenge :

Design and code a highly-converting flexible mobile-first UI that adapt to every product category of the database, the current and future ones.

Task :

Branding, UX Design, UI Design, Frontend development.

Tools :

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Bootstrap 3, SASS, GIT, Cloudinary, Slack and Trello

botDB home page, live version

The Process : Branding

The goal was to design the simplest logotype possible using the primary UI color (magenta) and "BOTDB" name. Deliverables were the logo (complet and minified versions), favicons, brand guidelines, Youtube channel art and icon.

botDB logotype, logo construction, fonts, colors and minimal version (used in favicon)

The Process : UX DESIGN

I used Lean UX methodology to produce prototypes progressively and iteratively with constant feedback from my client, while performing intensive and simultaneous testing of different product pages on multiple devices and platforms.

botDB contact page

The Process : UI DESIGN

I am a designer who loves to code, my skills make me capable to provide the Design in Browser option for my clients when it's needed, especially when the final product is responsive. So most of this UI design process has been performed in the browser. But not completely, I used Photoshop and Sketch to create a comprehensive style for botDB and to craft some prototypes before their implementation.

botDB product page, above the fold (1/2)


I've been collaborating with the backend developers to integrate my design directly to their dev code, using GIT and a cloud development environment. One of the challenges was to adapt product features to integrate custom data for each product, most numbers were generated from the database.

botDB product page : Product Features (2/2)
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