The Project

Atoma is an IOS application connected to a smart device that enables the user to control his house by easily adjusting the temperature, lights and music of any room.

Task :

User Research, Information Architecture, UX Design, UI Design

Challenge :

Design an modern application that can be easily customised to different use cases.

Tools :

Sketch, Invision

User Research

This is an important step in a user-centered design process. It makes the next steps focused on the needs and the goals of the user while trying to solve his frustrations and pain points. In this project, the user research step didn’t take much time to make. Based on analytic reports and few discussions with potential users, I have been able to generate one persona profile in oder to have an idea about the target audience of Atoma and how can it be of help to them.

Information Architecture

Information architecture (IA) is the creation of a structure for the application in order to understand where I am as a user and how the information can be presented to me in the most efficient way.

IA is about usability optimisation, where the goal is to create a seamless journey for the target audience analysed in the previous step of User Research, build an application that truly embodies the user personas, and streamline a great navigation experience to boost the user satisfaction and (therefore) business growth.


Wireframing is where ideas take shape and where ideas are tested. It's an important step that makes the design process more efficient and less time consuming. The aim is to sketch the most challenging interfaces quickly in order to test, highlight problems and iterate.

Mid-fidelity wireframe of Atoma screens

High-fidelity Layouts

This step is an iteration of the wireframing, it takes the interfaces from a low/mid fidelity environnement to an ultimate high-fidelity layouts that are ready be prototyped.

The visual design of Atoma was very challenging to me, I always go for minimalistic yet sophisticated interfaces, but Atoma has to be taken far beyond that.

So, shall we do some work together? ?