The Project

Appointment Manager is an iPad and iPhone application that manages retail store appointments. This project still in progress.

Task :

Product Design, Information Architecture, UX Design, UI Design

Tools :

Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, InvisionApp

Challenge :

create a performant and flexible iOS application that can be easily used by three user types, related by a business hierarchy.

User Research

This is the type of applications that has very specific target users, it is very important to list their tasks, their goals, their struggles and their needs.

I didn't have to start from scratch, I was given a document of the project specifications and a previous app as an example to consider during the design process. My client has already built a general application that manages many store-related tasks, but this new application is specific for appointments management, designated for three user types.

The mainstream (and good way) of building personas is to conduct one-on-one interviews with real life personas from each type of primary users, another way is Behavioural data analysis, such as analytics reports. There was no chance (nor time) for me to conduct user interviews, the previous application doesn't have enough analytics data, so I had to look for alternative sources to discover my users. One of the solutions that I came up with is to look into job posts of my users roles, another source was Quora Q&A about this job requirements, responsibilities, frustrations and stories from real life users.

Samples of project personas

Primary Personas

Appointments app serves three primary user groups :

  • Brand managers : These decision-makers ensure the team uses the product
  • Store managers : The other decision-makers that hold sway over the team and keep them accountable.
  • Sales associates : These are the people who are actually taking appointments and helping customers on their shopping experience. These associates may not have chosen the application themselves, but they use it every day for their job.

Each user group has specific appointment-related tasks, goals and frustrations. The three groups are going to use the same application, with different access to the features. Therefor, they have similar tasks and needs (such as accessing the customer information). These tasks have different frequence, some features will be used for the daily basis, others are used weekly or monthly.

User hierarchy analysis and platforms distribution

Red Route Analysis

Red Route Analysis prioritize the user experience for common tasks, so the ones used frequently by most users could be easily accomplished.

Red route analysis (WIP)

Information Architecture

I built a screen flowchart for each user type from the project specifications and the documents that I gathered during User research phase.

Flowchart of screens for Associates
General Flowchart of screens, accessible by Brand Managers


This is when I turned all the information and ideas about the project and users to visual sketches, this step is important to test and iterate all the ideas before turning them into high-fidelity layouts. Also, it's a great chance to make sure the design will follow THE RULES.

Appointment Manager - Wireframe samples

Project status

Appointment Manager is currently under development.

So, shall we do some work together? ?