My name is Younes Hadry, I am a Digital Product Designer. I've been collaborating with companies around the world, designing, building and delivering beautiful yet functional user-centered applications for web and mobile.
I am listed on Toptal as one of the Top 3% Freelance Designers.

My Skills

  • User Interface Design (UI)

    Using the most efficient tools (Adobe creative suite, Sketch...), I can build your interfaces from stakeholder brief (or help you build one). And I can deliver modern pixel-perfect interfaces that are not only operational but also efficient and adaptable to your users growing needs.

  • User Experience Design (UX)

    I could be a vigilant advocate to your users in order to give them the right perception of your product. I will make sure that your interfaces are highly converting and time-saving.

  • User Interaction Design (IX)

    I can handle your user interactions with your interfaces while optimizing the flow and the transitions of your application. I can boost your user's acceptance and your application's efficiency.

  • FrontEnd development

    I'm highly familiar with HTML5, CSS3 and SASS with some good basics in Jquery. I can build your designs (from scratch or using a framework such as Bootstrap or Foundation) and deliver responsive and standards-compliant websites.

  • Conversion Optimization

    My experience leading an Ecommerce startup made me able to boost many conversion rates, I do research, data analysis and I take actions to boost your rates and make your interfaces highly converting.

  • Logo Design / Branding

    Your logo is speaking on behalf of your business, my creative logo design process makes me able to deliver a distinctive and long-lasting yet original brand.


My Stories